Shady Oaks Farm

of Newton, North Carolina -

Pumpkins/Fall Squash



Fall at ShadyOaks is a special time. With the days getting cooler and shorter, the leaves changing color and anticipation of Thanksgivig and Christmas Holidays, the fall squash and pumkins become an important part of our festive tradition. Weather to decorate a porch or table, or for the much anticipated traditionally homemade holiday deserts. Many of us have special recipes that have been handed down through the generations that we enjoy. To meet the demand for those old-timey dishes we have a large selection of hard to find pumpkins and fall squash. Here is the list. For squash we grow butternut, acorn, cushaw or kershaw ( some prounce it differently), hubbard, and 3 different kinds of candyroasters. If you have never made a pie, bread or cookies out of these squash, you don’t know what you are missing. They are to die for ( not really, but taste darn good). The pumkins we raise are the brown old time variety that are excellant for making pies. We also have  Cinderella, Sweet Pie, Large Carving and a variety of other decorative and edible pumkins and fall squash. Later toward Fall start to look at our site for fantistic new recipes and some very old family hand-me-down recipies. Some will require that you do everything from scratch so you can get that origional flavor that was experienced so many years ago. Pumkins and fall squash start to come in in August, so call ahead to place your order. Everything is naturally raised for the best quality.